Sweet Ashley

Ashley is 16, going on 17.  She decided to graduate early from high school (which is a viable option for home-schoolers) so she did, and…is now taking a few classes at the local community college.

Ashley is our little sweetheart.  From a young age she was filled with love; love for animals and creatures of all kinds.  She was the one who'd lie on the dog and share his food (ick).  She would capture and love any stray animal.  She was the child who wanted animals around all the time and who cared for and nurtured all kinds including fish and birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, kittens, dogs, horses etc.  Her dream is to own a cheetah someday.  :)  I've told her that she's going to have to wait a long time for that to happen.

If there is a friend having a birthday or having a hard time, Ashley spends hours drawing and coloring personalized cards - and then attaching a favorite candy bar for the person.  She's caring and aware and often the one to offer both her time and mine for donated needs.

Also very musically inclined, Ashley is the family actress.  Not only does she contribute to family drama :) - but she participates in community theater and also did theater and choirs in school.

Recently she has participated in the SCERA Youth Group 'Acting-Up in productions of Cinderella (as a step-sister) and 'Honk' (as the frog.)

Ashley has a very tender heart and spiritual understanding.  She is my child who always wants to do what is right.  Her prayers are thoughtful and meaningful.  She 'talks' with her Heavenly Father and she loves Him.  Her desires are to serve Him and to Keep His Commandments.

She studies and ponders her scriptures regularly and writes in her journal each night.  These she does by nature and because of her desire to be close to the Lord.

Her trials have also been many and no one would know the heartache and grief that she has suffered at such a young age.  These things may have contributed, or been added upon, by some health challenges that she's also dealt with.

Isn't it interesting that none of us really know what anyone else goes through in this life?  It's my belief that a mother comes closest and that is why it's so very important for mothers to be in the home to love and teach and nurture their children if at all possible.

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