Currently serving in the Idaho, Nampa Mission.
He's sharing message by email rather than in a blog but...this was going to be his blog:  :)

He's doing very well, loving the people, the area and the work.  It's been a great blessing for him to serve.

Here are a few photos as of March 2015.  

Andrew and cousins
Andrew just turned 18.  He's a great boy with a big heart.  He's the one in the family that tries to keep us laughing and to not take things too seriously.  He's a jokester, prankster and….also a very hard worker.

In his young life he experienced severe trials.  Because of his personality and tender heart - he kept many things to himself - not wanting to hurt or worry those around him. Because of that, and his pure nature, he's suffered beyond compare and been exposed to things that no one would want to be exposed to (through no fault of his own.)  But, he's come out ahead and will continue to do so.  He works things out, figures things out and is also the family 'technology guru.'

Andrew continues to amaze me with the way he is able to think.  Anything technical or mathematical or just plain laborious for me - is often quite simple for him to figure out.  His brain just thinks that way and oh, what a great blessing that has been.

Each family needs a balance of personalities.  Andrew helps to calm things, is a peace-maker, and is the one that tries to get us all out of our comfort zones and away from some of the daily monotonies (though sometimes we have to reel him back in to help.)  :)

He enjoys sports and always wanted to be able to have more sporting opportunities - but, we couldn't afford teams or lessons etc.  He did some baseball as a child and a little karate and tumbling - which he had a natural aptitude for.  He's also played basketball, tennis, rock climbing and a few others miscellaneous things which he really enjoyed.  But, without more training, he's not had the opportunities he longed-for.  So, he's done some self-learning and teaching; computers, coding, math, guitar, singing etc.

Andrew has also become the family inventor, entrepreneur and…chef.  For several years he donned the chef hat and would learn how to prepare gourmet meals.  He still does that from time-to-time, but, without the hat.

Most mothers know of the heartache and grief their children experience while growing up.  The missed opportunities or seemed 'unfairness'  are often painful for these children.  But, it teaches us all to turn to the Lord in our despair and… to focus on the things that we can do and the blessings that we do have.  Perhaps (probably), we develop new gifts and talents that we wouldn't have otherwise exactly because of the trials.

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