Sister Garvin
Amber is now 20.  She's been my 'right-hand-gal' since she was a child.  Her gifts of intuition, responsibility, hard-work, care and concern, creativity and obedience were ideal for a first child in our family.  I have appreciated her tremendously!

Because the Lord knew that we'd have limited resources due to becoming a single-parent home, he blessed Amber with beautiful musical abilities and gifts; those that she could attain to without too many 'lessons' (as we couldn't afford those).  She has a beautiful singing voice and was, in her Senior year of high school, in both A Cappella and Madrigal choirs.  She also plays the piano a bit and has often yearned to become better at that so….she self-taught herself some things and did receive a bit of instruction for a year or so.

She's been a good student, hard-working and conscientious and…desirous to learn many things.  She has learned to sew quite well and….crochet scarves and hats.  This photo shows some of what she can do (though I'm not sure who actually made that particular headband.)

From a young age, Amber had opportunities to home-school, public school, and private school (one year). This gave her a more rounded educational philosophy and option to choose which worked best for her.  Home-school was usually the preferred option as she could learn at her own pace and read voraciously as she desired.

I'm grateful for such a wonderful daughter in my life; for the things I've learned from her and for the strength and example she has been to our family (despite many difficult challenges she's faced.)

She's currently serving an LDS mission in the Virginia, Chesapeake area.  As of this writing she's serving in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and LOVING it!!!

You can follow her adventures on her mission blog at:  Sister Amber in Virginia

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