Monday, May 4, 2015

Elder Garvin in Idaho

Today Andrew (Elder Garvin) was able to write home (by email) as it's a Preparation Day or 'P-day' for short.  They do laundry, shop for groceries, clean house (hopefully) and...prepare for the week ahead.

These photos are from a service project they helped with - in sprinkler installation and digging trenches or something.  I'm sorry I don't have all the details.

Digging Sprinkler Trenches
He was so thrilled to find a wheel-chair-mobile that Brother M (name protected) :) had in his garage.  Andrew loves this member and this member is amazing to the missionaries.  Anyway, he had made this mobile for he and his wife to use in the grocery store.  Andrew thought it was the neatest thing he'd ever seen.  :)

So, as I decide what to do with this blog -'s mostly our family stuff right now (saving photos for posterity's sake) I'm posting these from today. 

I LOVE having a missionary out.  I can't think of any better blessing for him or for our family.

When the Lord asks us do serve Him - He always blesses us much more than we give to Him.  I'd encourage all to serve Him.  His wages are the riches of eternity and peace and joy in this life. 

Helping fix sprinklers
In the 'cool' wheel-chair-mobile

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  1. I love the missionaries and always loved to hear about them. I have a Grandson serving in the Omaha Nebraska mission and I love his emails. Thanks for sharing this and I love the pictures~


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