Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Lord will Provide....

I don't always post here as often as I could/should.  It used to be a personal site but has recently morphed into a family blog.  I'm sure that's much more interesting than my previous messages of learning and growth.  :)

We're in a transition stage as a family.  I don't feel to post about that today but will say that it is a trying time and is stretching me more than I had hoped for.  :)  But, I am seeking to put my trust and faith in Him and in all His promises.

And, a beautiful message that my daughter has received twice on her mission recently, once from the member family-patriarch where they've been living (beloved Brother Holloman) and...then again from her Mission President who both reminder her of the Lord's words "The Lord will take care of every needful thing."

I write that quote at the top of my daily notebook to-do list EVERY morning.  It's been the reminder I've needed that the Lord is in-charge and that if we put our trust in HIM - we will be delivered out of all our trials and troubles and afflictions.

That deliverance may end up being and looking different that we originally planned, but, His promises never fail.  And, if we are seeking to be on His errand and to put Him first in all things, then ...His promises are sure.

Oh, what a gift and blessing that is.

Thank you Rocky Mount, NC, for all you have done for my daughter.  Better yet, thank you,  Lord, for calling her there amongst these wonderful people who she has come to know and LOVE deeply.  It's been a great blessing that she didn't know was possible a year ago when she entered the MTC.  She just knew she wanted to serve Him and that He would provide the way and means for her to do so.

Now, she knows some of the reasons she's done what she's done and been where she's been and she has felt an even deeper sense of gratitude for the goodness of God, His love for all His children, and His desire to have them come home unto Him.

What a glorious joy this is! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Dresses

Growing-up we 'celebrated' Easter in a way that was very meaningful to me.  We didn't ever do the 'Easter Bunny' (for which I am actually very grateful) but we did go on a family picnic and 'roll Easter Eggs' down the BYU Hill.  (If you wonder about that tradition we found out later that our future sisters-in-law had the same tradition in their family.  I don't know where it started but, we weren't the only ones who did it.)  :)

But, even that wasn't what Easter was about.  Our Sabbath worship of the Savior was.  I remember a few times where I got a new Easter Dress for the day.  It was a real treat in our home of eight children on a teacher's salary (Dad taught at BYU) and, for some special reason has stayed with me.

In our home the Sabbath was a special and important day.  We tried to always keep it holy.  We didn't go outside and play like some of our friends did, rather it was a time to be home with the family and to study the scriptures, ponder, pray, have father interviews from time to time, serve others' and do sabbath activities and family dinner together. Mom usually had hymns playing in the background as we went about our day.  Often we'd congregate in the living room and read and study side-by-side.

The reason I share this today is that it's Easter Week; a very meaningful time for many of us.  It's a sacred time to ponder more deeply on Christ, His life, His purpose, His mission and His death and Resurrection.  Sometimes we cannot express in words the depth of our love for Him but we can honor him by the way we live our lives and the things we do to emulate His example and remember Him this week, and always.

To me, a simple Easter Dress as a child was the beginning of my understanding of the holiness of the Day and the sacredness of our worship.  The dresses were pretty to me and Sabbath appropriate but also simple.  They weren't to 'show off' - rather to remind me of the specialness of the occasion and to walk to church reverently with thoughts of Him and the renewal of life that He had provided.

I love my Lord.  He has provided the means for my 'escape'.  He has overcome all things and given me the opportunity of new Life.  I honor revere and reverence his Holy Name.  My we think of and worship Him during this Holy season.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oh, Those Aching Bones… :)

I don't know if bones can really ache but….many other body parts seem to be able to.  :)  Today is one of those days for me.  I can't even begin to share all that has happened recently, but, today, after many needful things being attended to, I'm ready for bed early and it's not even 6:00 p.m.  :)

I think that somedays are just like this.  We have to get things done in order to get ready for other things needing to be done.

We try to live simply and to reduce the workload with our 'maximizing' skills and letting-go and balancing etc. yet, perhaps these challenging days are the reminder that we're not always in control and…trials may come even when we're trying to do the best that we can.

I'm teaching an adult Sunday School lesson this week on Moses and the Exodus.  As I've prayerfully studied and pondered the material and the scriptures I've learned some personal and profound lessons.  I'm still learning them as I go but…one thing that I'm really thinking about are the Israelites.  Why did or didn't they heed their great leaders' inspired counsel.  Why did they need that refining time for so long?  What happened that caused them to obey or neglect weightier matters?  Were they aware of what was really going on?  Or, is it only us, in hindsight and with scriptural documentation, that we know the full story?

Are we like them?  Do we heed Prophetic counsel?  Are we willing to give up everything to enter into a greater and far more promised land?  Or, are we hanging on to things that are keeping us trapped on stuck in the things of this work?

Perhaps my own 'aching bones' today are an additional resource for my own understanding.  How well am I doing at all the things I know to be true?  Am I willing to let some things go in order to focus on the weightier matters?  I hope so.  That is my sincere and continued quest.

Maybe my tired body is just wanting me to rest so that I can think about these things; the ones that matter most and that mean the most to me.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

We Moved....AGAIN :)

So, yes, we made our 15th move in 15 years.  It wasn't our first choice but, then, what really has been in our lives?.  :)  Yet, we're extremely grateful for the Lord's guidance and know that He always has a plan for us, always, even if we can't see it or don't know quite what it's going to be.

Over the years of trials and tribulations I've come to receive a beautiful gift from the Lord.  It's that of being able to be more at peace despite the challenges and to have a greater understanding that all things will work out.

This gift has actually taken a lot of hard work to attain. 

Some gifts seem to be natural abilities.  Others are talents or interests to be developed with hard work.  This particular one seems to be the latter.  The efforts go unnoticed to those around yet, 'in the silent heart' are the workings of the Spirit and many hours spent in meditation and prayer.

As a family, and individually, we don't know what is ahead for us.  But, we do know that we haven't been forgotten.  And, we do hope to provide a labor of love to those around us wherever we go and whatever we feel to do.

The greatest blessing in life is the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  He truly is our companion of peace, strength, compassion, understanding and....hope.  We always know that we're going to be okay when we feel His peace that 'passeth all understanding".