Thursday, January 2, 2014

FRESH STARTS and "Resolutions" - Lessons from Enos

Holy One of Israel  - Simon Dewey
Who doesn't like a new beginning?  A 'Fresh Start'?

As we contemplate a New Year we can see it as a new beginning if we've left the old behind.  But, if we drag it (the old baggage) along it's hard to make that 'fresh start'.

Over the years I've heard many ideas, lectures, thoughts, talks etc. about goal-setting and new year resolutions.  Yesterday, on the news, I heard about 'commitments' instead of 'resolves'.

Either way, from a gospel perspective I may see things differently than some.  Yes, goals can be good, resolutions can be motivating or helpful, but…without the help of the Spirit, they may not be soul-changing.  And, that's my idea of goals that really matter.