Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm in Complete Support of Traditional Marriage

So, Amber is currently working on a special project in the casting department at BYU or LDS Motion Picture Studio.  She loves it.  She worked for them before her mission and is grateful for this new opportunity.  She's not sure how long it will last and she plans to go back to BYU-Idaho in January (best place for her for college right now) but we feel it a blessing for her to get this position and are grateful for answers to prayers.

I'm thinking it's okay to share that this project has to do with interviewing a large variety of people of various cultures and religious backgrounds about their views on traditional marriage.  It's a topic for our day and one to which much thought has been given on both sides of the issue.

If I were ever interviewed I'd express my deep and complete support for traditional marriage and let me tell you why.

I grew up in a stable home.  My parents loved each other and they loved us as children.  Since I didn't know differently I guess I thought that everyone else had it pretty much the same.  But I was wrong.  As I've grown and learned and been more educated, and as I've gone out into the world and met and talked with people from all walks of life, I've come to see how blessed I was to have the upbringing that I did and how it not only shaped my world view (a great gift) but how it helped me establish a firm foundation in the word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

God wants us to be happy.  He has provided ways for us to experience that, and, has instructed that ' most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ'.

I KNOW this to be true for myself.  Anytime I've strayed from the path, or even rebelled in a slight manner, I've found only lack of peace, unhappiness, and even misery.  That is no way to live and I don't want to have any part of it.  I like to feel peace, joy, love and other 'fruits of the Spirit'. 

When I've lived according to true principles, as revealed through Prophets of God, (Amos 3:7) I've found those fruits and they are indeed pleasant and joyful.

Anyway, my own marriage was not filled with this love.  It was difficult and even miserable at times.  I longed for the connection that my parents had; the love that they shared, the kindness, patience and even long-suffering that they displayed for us as children.

I believe in traditional marriage because it is the best way to find love and happiness.  I still believe in it because I know for myself that anything other than that - does not bring the bonding, stability, and security that is needed to raise a successful family.  It's lonely if only one person is trying.  It's hard if one partner does not want to make the marriage work. 

But, that being said, there is always hope.  We can all change.  And, children do best when they have two parents to love and rear them.  I know for myself that children need both a father and a mother for their health and well-being.  Each parent plays a role for the child that the other can't.  I know this and have often longed for the day when my children would see how kindly a good man can treat his wife, how thoughtful he can be, how helpful he can be to the children in caring for, providing for and protecting them.

I couldn't play both roles.  I tried but then realized that no matter what I did - I could only do my own God-given role which was mostly to nurture, love, teach, train, and care for.  The things I lacked would have to come from other sources or go unmet.  Sadly, many went unmet, but, we turned to the Lord and He helped us through them all.  He is our Father, after all, and who better to turn to than a perfect parent who knows the way - especially through the rocky terrain?

I will defend traditional marriage all the days of my life if needs be.

I believe in it and I look forward to the day when I will have it.

Until then, I will continue my role as a mother and will continue to encourage others' to do the best they can to make their marriages be as whole and healthy as they can, loving and forgiving one another, showing forth an increase of love as a cushion during challenges, and repenting and forgiving each other as imperfect, yet full of promise, human beings.

Yet, we must also know that sometimes, because of abuse etc. one parent must take the children and flee for safety.  Sadly, this is true.  And any abuse is too much.  But, if a couple can make it work - through repentance, forgiveness, love, support, wholesome values etc. traditional marriage is the best way to find completeness, happiness love and joy.

I appreciate and support traditional marriage as ordained by God.

Here's more about how to find happiness in family life:  The Family: A Proclamation to the World


  1. Just finished some reading and thought to leave a mark :) I share your thoughts about marriage. Be blessed :)

  2. Thank you, lifeandlemoncurd! It's nice to find strength amongst us in shared values. Blessings to you as well.

  3. Thank you for this lovely post on this timely topic. I too believe as you. Blessings for sharing your thoughts.

  4. How cool is it that the General Women's Session last night was SO focused on this! Defending traditional marriage and family. You've done an amazing job at this Heidi. I have amazing memories growing up where I'd come stay with you guys to spend the weekend with Amber and you were everything a mom should be, and THEN some more too. You're amazing!

    1. You're very sweet, Tiff. I know I fell short but...that's the blessing of the Atonement; He makes up for all we can't be - and helps us as we strive to become better. :) Thanks for your kind words. Motherhood has been the most important thing to me and... I will keep trying to support it as it's such a vital role in these latter-days! Love you MUCH!!!! Keep on pressin' on, too! :)


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