Monday, July 14, 2014

Ashley at Bridal Veil Falls

Ashley's working two jobs this summer; one at a retirement home (where she serves meals, cleans-up and...sometimes cleans room.)  Her favorite part about that is the people.  She loves them and has some special favorites.  Because she is a loving person, she sometimes gives hugs.  It's a win-win as they love and hug her back.

Her other job is up at Bridal Veil Falls.  That is such a beautiful and peaceful place.  It's given her opportunities to share a little about the gospel but mostly to just learn to care about people from all over the world.  Bridal Veil Falls is one of the tourist spots in Utah - draws a global audience.  It's been rewarding for her to 'serve' there (that's what it feels to be; service) - as she strives to be kind and helpful, courteous and a good listener to the lonely who travel through on their way to other places.

A few weeks ago a 50 yr. old man, on his bike, going from California to the East Coast, stopped and...visited with her for about an hour.  She said that he thanked her after for talking to him as he said he's alone on the road and...gets lonely for someone to talk to.  It made her feel good to know that she could be a friend to someone who needed one.

Anyway, if you're ever up in that area - (Provo Canyon) you might want to stop and visit the falls.  They are beautiful and unique!  (Also offer are bike rides and river runs.)

Bridal Veil Falls is under new ownership (the owners are GREAT) and...they are working to make it better, clean-it up, and offer new features and services in the future - as they are able to get permission, and funding, to do so. 

A Beautiful Wonder; Provo Canyon, Utah, USA
Hike up to the base of the falls

As the Sun goes down...

Fish pond at the base (feed the fish for a quarter)

Snack Shop