Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ashley's New Job

Ashley started out making soup and sandwiches at a local Zupas a few weeks ago but, after a few days, didn't feel that was the right fit for her.  She worried and stewed and processed through it.  It was difficult for her to approach the boss after she'd made her decision but, when she did, she felt relieved in knowing she was heeding promptings and doing something that she felt was needful.

Amazingly, she was hired at a local Retirement Center the same afternoon that she finished her previous job and...felt excited and at peace when that decision was made.

Happily, she is enjoying this new job.  She serves several meals a day and cleans rooms.  She is coming to know and love the elderly residents, many of whom are lonely and alone. 

Her desire in employment was to do something that made a difference and that was of service to someone in need.  So far, she feels that this job provides that opportunity.

The greatest blessing in all this is that she's learned better about how peace comes when we heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  They are there to bless and guide us and their fruits strengthen us to become the people we were intended to become. 

For this, I'm deeply grateful.