Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Festival of Trees in Sandy, Utah

My youngest daughter, Ashley, and I attended the Festival of Trees last Friday in Sandy, Utah.  The convention center was filled with hundreds, probably thousands, of trees, gingerbread houses, wreaths, door decorations, and all other sorts of Christmas displays, goodies, and live entertainment.

The reason for this gathering is to raise funds of those with severe illnesses who are served by Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Many who would not otherwise receive the care they need, are blessed to be helped by the wonderful staff at Primary Childrens'.

Here are some of our favorite things from that day.  We only took a few photos as the crowds were large and our views were sometimes limited and/or hurried.  But, it was a wonderful experience and tears often came to our eyes as we read or heard stories about each tree, it's purpose, and who it was either intended for or represented.  Some were for those who have passed-on, and, more than once, Ashley and I were so deeply moved that we had to hurry on so as not to cry too much.

More Photos Below: