Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Being Single in a Married LDS World

Now...I know that's a bit of an exaggeration.  It's not really only a married LDS world - as I've heard that over 40% of the church is 'single' - can feel that way when you're sitting alone or invited to attend 'couples activities' and feel out-of-place when most discussions are directed at family life.

It's taken me quite a few years to heal from many heartaches and griefs, sorrows, longings, sufferings.  But, I think I've arrived at a new plateau.  Hallelujah.  That's a great blessing to be able to move up a step - even if the trials getting there are hard and painful.

Nevertheless, I'm not 'all there' yet.  I still have a hard time as certain activities in a family-oriented church.  But, that's not to say that I'm not all 'for it' (the family church) because I am; wholeheartedly.  It's the Lord's plan and it's meant to be that way.  It's a WONDERFUL arrangement and something I hope for and for which put my trust in God.

Perhaps each of us experience unmet needs and expectations at some point in our lives.  Whether with marriage, family, bearing-children, health issues, wanting to be loved, loneliness, financial needs, certain talents or abilities etc.  We all have righteous things that we desire that may, as of yet, be unmet.  Does this make us 'unworthy' or 'less than' others'?  No.  The fact that we don't have our longings met doesn't necessarily mean that we've done anything wrong.  It can mean that - often doesn't.

Yet, do we wrongfully judge others' if they are not the norm?  Do we suppose that we know things - when we really don't?  Is it possible that we look upon those who don't fit into the proper mold at this time in their mortal experience as 'less than' or as having done something wrong?  Do we treat them with any kind of disdain or unfriendliness?  Friends of Job did.  He lost his wealth, friends, family, health etc. - for reasons we may not know but...are to learn from.  And...we are told that it was NOT because of his unrighteousness.  In fact; to the contrary.  He was being tried and tested to see if he would do all things whatsoever the Lord would command him to do - and through whatever trials he was called to pass.  And...he did!

He's a good example to us of how we can and must remain true and faithful and steadfast - even if it's hard - because it probably will be.

So...if we're surrounded by those who are different than us, who are less attractive, less wealthy, less skilled or talented, poor, unkempt, ridiculed etc. - can we look upon them with gratitude to the Lord knowing that this may be their test; to see if they will overcome all things?  And...our test as well - to see if we will love and care for them as prompted and as a child of God ought to treat a beloved sibling.  

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  1. You always have very thought provoking posts. I do find life a challenge and very complex; but on the other hand wonderful. I am happy that you are at a good place right now.


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