Monday, September 9, 2013

Yes, we got flooded on Saturday

Daughter at work at Bridal Veil Falls - on a drier day :)
Last Saturday, Sept. 7th, a huge storm hit our valley, and, specifically our neighborhood (as well as several others'.)  When the wind and rain started I sensed that it was different than I'd experienced before so...I felt to quickly drive up the canyon to pick up my daughter early from work.  (She's been working at the new concessions stand at Bridal Veil Falls) and would close down early if the weather got too bad.

Thankfully, we arrived home safely - and to a neighbor who called out -'did you get flooded'?  It hadn't occurred to me that that were a possibility.  But, sure enough, we did.  There was about 2 feet of standing water in our lower level entrance area.

A 'bucket brigade' of about 15 neighbor boys and men had gathered with kitchen garbage cans and
buckets of all sorts - to help the whole row of homes on our street.  They scooped and tossed as quickly as they could and then, when low enough, placed the pump in the rest of the water and headed to the next place.

One of the neighbor boys' had to jump over fences to access some of the places - while some of us neighbor women tried quickly to contact some of the families who were out of town.
We had only been flooded in our basement family room.  My daughter and I pulled back the heavy carpets and with an exacto knife cut away at the saturated pad.  We then hauled it to the back road - and went back to work clearing leaves and debris that had blown in.  I ran to Lowe's to get the third to last of their carpet fans.  All others had been quickly sold.  Many around the valley experienced flooding.

We have a HUGE old ivy that had grown way up to the top of the house - 3 levels high - that was blown away.  The thick, heavy root had just been completely ripped in half.  Apparently there were 65 mph winds that swept through this area.

I only share all this to thank neighbors who went around helping one another (it was very refreshing to see) and my son, who, in his socks, helped for several hours (his flimsy sandals had fallen off).

All this was a reminder to me of how quickly things can change and how temporary our 'stuff' is. much we need to be better prepared.  My son needs old shoes that can get dirty and wet.  I need to keep a bucket handy.  And....we need to find better ways to contact the neighbors who are out-of-town.
Anyway, this whole thing was just a nice reminder - and expression of gratitude - to good people out there who help one another.  It was greatly appreciated by me and many others'.

I have studied and post on my other blog All About Preparedness as it's very important to me.  And, this was a good reminder that I need to continue with those and, perhaps, additional preparations.

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  1. I am so sorry about the flooding. I do know how that one feels. We once had about 2 feet of water in our basement. It is wonderful that neighbor got together to help one another.
    Blessings to you all!


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