Monday, September 9, 2013

Yes, we got flooded on Saturday

Daughter at work at Bridal Veil Falls - on a drier day :)
Last Saturday, Sept. 7th, a huge storm hit our valley, and, specifically our neighborhood (as well as several others'.)  When the wind and rain started I sensed that it was different than I'd experienced before so...I felt to quickly drive up the canyon to pick up my daughter early from work.  (She's been working at the new concessions stand at Bridal Veil Falls) and would close down early if the weather got too bad.

Thankfully, we arrived home safely - and to a neighbor who called out -'did you get flooded'?  It hadn't occurred to me that that were a possibility.  But, sure enough, we did.  There was about 2 feet of standing water in our lower level entrance area.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Main Goal......

Elder M. Russell Ballard teaches that "Our main goal should be to seek immortality and eternal life."  He then shares things that are needful as part of that pursuit when he says "With this as our goal, why not eliminate from our lives the things that clamor for and consume our thoughts, feelings, and energies without contributing to our reaching that goal?"

Establish Priorities to attain proper balance
In our quest for balance we might do well to consider the following eight suggestions as well as elimination of things that keep us from that goal.  
1.  Establish Priorities
2.  Set Attainable Goals
3.  Budget Wisely
4.  Build Relationships
5.  Study the Scriptures
6.  Take Care of Yourself
7.  Live the Gospel
8.  Pray Often

Elder Ballard Continues: