Monday, October 8, 2012

Favorite Messages From General Conference

I love LDS General Conference.  It is my favorite time of year and I am often saddened when it ends.  But, I have plenty of notes that will remind me of the personalized messages I received and how I can do better to be closer to the Lord Jesus Christ, be an example of the believers, and have his guidance in my daily endeavors.
LDS General Conference - broadcast from Salt Lake City, Utah

A few of the thoughts that blessed me this year will be written down as I received them.  Sometimes the speaker says one thing and the Spirit personalizes it for us.  That was the case with me.  Here are only a few of the things that blessed my life this past weekend from Church leaders; simple principles but carried deep into the heart.

- The human spirit yearns for enlightenment.  A desire to help one another, the brotherhood of man.
- The Savior gave his time and love.  He wasn't busy bustling about with 'to do' list.
"Living Water' by Simon Dewey
- Make treasured memories.
- Enjoy the journey.
- 'Ladder of success' barely amounts to 1 step in eternal scheme.
- We are capable of so much more.
- A 'disciple' is in pursuit of holiness and happiness; be our best and happiest self. (that comes from repentance and forgiveness etc.)
- Lay up treasures in Heaven.
- Be faithful to our covenants.
- We pray 'Thy will be done' - not our own.  Great blessings as we truly submit ourselves to His will,.
- Spiritual safety in principles and ordinances, faith and obedience.
- Have a broken heart and contrite spirit.  Be humble, submissive, childlike in our trust and faith.
- God will never 'hide' from His faithful servants.
- Pray for those who are leading this church.  They pray for us.  They need our faith and prayers. (We are blessed as we pray for them.)
-Are we doing this for the Savior or for ourselves?
- Is our service evidence of our discipleship?
- Iniquity hampers our ability to see and feel with our hearts; the things of Christ.
- We are washed clean through the the blood of Christ.  That is the light we offer in darkness.  Faith and Hope in the Savior.
- Does the journey seem long?  Take His hand and He will lead you to heights that are new.
"The Lost Lamb" by Del Parson
- Men are that they might have Joy.   (it is a product of righteous living)
- Never postpone a prompting.
- Love the Lord with ALL our heart, might, mind and soul.  Be loyal.  Defend Truth.
- The more we act in impressions  - the more He'll entrust to us His errands.
- Our prayers ARE heard and answered.
- Receive knowledge not from flesh and blood - but from Heavenly Father.
- Repent.  Forgive others.
- No concern of ours is too insignificant.  The Lord is in the details of our lives.  There are no coincidences.
- He wants to help us.  He wants to direct us.  May we be aware of His blessings in our lives.
- Take His name upon us (through baptism and other ordinances and covenants)
- In Christ - our very nature's change.
- The Savior will make us equal to His work.  He will bless us with gifts and talents to do so.
- Set aside things that don't matter
- The Savior valued everyone.  He was kind and gentle to all.
- That which is of God is light.
- Do things of eternal value.
- Every young man should prepare to serve a mission. Duty. Powerful ambassadors for the Lord. Will shape destiny of missionary and his future family.
- Go and teach all nations.
- Help is given from both sides of the veil.
- Faith is a principle of Power.
- He is a God of miracles.
- Many beauties of this mortal journey.
- Simple daily acts of service.  The Lord knows our efforts to serve.
Jesus with the little Children
- Pray in earnest.
- The well-being of children.  Care for and protect them. They need others' to speak for them.
- Clear, simple family rules, FHE, scripture study, economics, tithing etc.
- Perfection in Temple construction - as example for our lives.
- Nurture Faith.
- Be anchored to the Rock of our Redeemer.
- What is essential is seen only with the heart.
- Prosperity and Riches - dangerous and difficult to overcome.
- It is always a great Sacrament meeting if the Sacrament is the Center of our meeting.
- A mighty change of heart - means we have no more disposition to do evil but to do good continually.
- As many as were truly 'converted' never did fall away.
- Be firm and steadfast in Faith.
- Our motives, thoughts, deeds become aligned with God.
- Surrender our weapons (sins, rebellion, pride, selfishness etc.)
- Repent now if we have rebellion
- Take messages into our hearts and lives.
- Be of Good Cheer.  He will help us. Learn to grow.
- Consider the blessings.  Don't dwell on the negative.
- Accept His sacrifice.