Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Peace I Leave With You

When the Savior walked the earth - he walked in peace.  The sincere in heart around Him were able to feel of that as well as His pure love and gentle kindness.

When He was leaving he told his sincere followers that He would leave His peace with them.  We have that same opportunity.

Peace comes from knowing Him and keeping His commandments.  He showed us the way in ALL things.  He did what he did out of pure love for us and for Our Father.

In this day where peace has been generally taken from the earth - we are blessed to know that we can still have it in our hearts and homes.  The Spirit will guide us in all paths of righteousness.  If we heed all of those promptings - peace will be the result.

He desires to help us simplify our lives, simplify our work loads, simplify our family relationships as well as our home environments.

Over the past few years He has helped me to continue to 'dejunk' and get rid of things that were no longer serving an uplifting purpose for me.  That has even included books and clothing that served a purpose for a time but were no longer useful to me.  It has been wonderful to learn to live on less and with less.  It's freed me up to be able to enjoy current blessings and natural enjoyments.

I know that many people have garages and basements full of 'stuff'.  These things are a weight on the soul and are often overwhelming to the owners of such items.  I share the fact that the Savior's Atonement covers that issue as well as all others.  As we seek Him and His peace - He will help us rid our lives of all excess 'junk' including physical and emotional.  As we get closer to living the law of Consecration - I believe that it will be needful to do so.  What a glorious day lies ahead for us all.

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  1. Very wise and lovely thoughts today; I enjoyed it all. The picture is beautiful.


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