Monday, June 4, 2012

Homosexuality - How it's Affecting Us

Today, on "Women of Light" -  I blogged about Christ being an Anchor to our Souls - and how we need not fear if we put our Trust in Him, Keep His Commandments, and Heed Prophetic Counsel specific to our day and age. 

Here, today, I am going to address the issue of Homosexuality and How it's affecting us at present.  I hope for no unkind responses to this post - but...for people to ponder on what I've written.  I don't seek contention - nor do I write things for that purpose.  I seek peace and wisdom and hope to share the same. 

Over the weekend I was aware of a parade in downtown Salt Lake City in support of the Homosexual movement.  Today I wanted to address that topic from a personal standpoint of my own background and understanding.  Like some of you - this issue has affected me and my children personally.  Because of that - I studied much, attended a support group for a year with my former spouse, pondered books and experiences of others', sought Prophetic wisdom as well as Scriptural understanding and....turned to the Lord for enlightenment and truth.   I needed true answers - not the philosophies of men.

Through my studies and pondering - I learned much and found insight as to what is happening in our day and age.  Some of the things I won't be able to share on here at this time.  They would be taken out of context and cast before swine.

Other things - I can happily share.

We live in the last days.  Men's hearts are failing them (physically and spiritually.)  Satan has unleashed his forces for the very last time.  He and his followers are doing all they can to hurt, destroy, capture, deceive, pacify, and....lull in their ways.  They are forceful and have infiltrated our homes and families, churches, media outlets, schools/classrooms, places of entertainment, and government. 

We ought not to be surprised.  We've known that this would happen as we've had these warnings for many, many years.  What we ought to be is 'aware' and not bury our heads.  Light and Truth forsake the evil one.  If we are enlightened and can understand the workings of good and evil in our day - we will be more empowered and better prepared to face these issues head-on.

We share messages of love and concern for those dealing with this issue.  All of us are to be KIND - no matter what.  We recognize that each person on earth faces unique challenges and trials in this life.  Same-gender attraction can be classed in that group.  On the topic of Homosexuality are beautiful teachings from the brethren about the Lord's love for all of His children as well as the truth about sin and wickedness.  The Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance.  And...He has provided a way out of it.  He is the Answer to all our questions, problems, challenges, and sins. 

Each person has certain 'favorite' sins and/or tendencies in this life.  By being born we agreed to these experiences for, we knew, that we needed them in order to be able to choose good and overcome evil.  In this way we would be worthy to return to live with Him again and with others' who have overcome severe challenges, too.

Choice/Agency is a beautiful gift.  It's why we are here.

But, a veil has been drawn over us so that we would learn to live and walk by Faith.  We needed to learn to Trust in God, Trust in Good, and do all things of His Nature.  He promised us that He would help us if we'd seek Him and strive to overcome the world and worldly tendencies.  What a huge blessing that is.  Overcoming is powerful. 

Homosexuality was the downfall of Sodom and Gomorrah.  It destroyed a civilization and it seeks to destroy ours.

When we cater to a certain group of people living in sin - we are justifying things that the Lord has told us to not justify.  We are adding fuel to the wrong fire and, actually, dimming our own light in the process.

Yes, sin destroys lives.  It destroys homes and families.  Left alone - it grows and festers and, in the end, destroys nations.

We have been asked to stand in holy places.  We have been taught to keep the commandments, repent of our sins, overcome evil, and keep our homes (and own bodies) as places of light and truth.

We know that there are many around us - dealing with the issue of same-gender attraction as well as other harmful addictions.  We express compassion and love to them.  We hope and pray for them and hope that we will always be kind. 

Yet, we can't condone or justify sin and, ofttimes, need to be away from it to keep as unspotted as we can.  The only way that we can lift or enlighten others' is to be standing on higher ground.  Early leaders who stood on towers to be able to see what was coming at them are an example of how we are to live.  We've been warned and forewarned.  We would do well to heed that counsel.  God has great blessings in-store for us but, we have to be worthy and desirous of them.  This life is our time to prove that.  

My prayer for all of us is that we will overcome, be pure and true, and remain faithful to whatever we are asked to do.  Some of us may be the recipients of the painful and unrighteous choices and actions of others'.  We, too, can be healed and comforted and learn to stand in holy places despite the opposition.  That is part of the process of the journey as well.

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