Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today's Miracles the Lord works in our behalf

We recently moved to a new location a few miles from our previous one.  We were in a wonderful little neighborhood with many elderly couples.  It was one of the best places we have lived and we LOVED our neighbors.  (Particularly dear, sweet, 87 yr. old Naoma who told me one day that if she needed gardening helps she'd just 'go ask google'.)  :)

We were led to live there by some miracles and, though small, it was cozy and comfortable, clean and safe for us.  That was a blessing.

But, last December, a gal approached me with a request.  Her parents lived behind us and were very ill.  She wondered if we'd consider moving out and selling our rental contract to her so that she and her husband could come and care for her parents in their last months of life.  I was a bit taken-back by this unexpected inquiry but told her that I would ponder on it.  It would be our 12th move in 12 years.  I was tired (as were my 3 teenagers) but....I told her that I would certainly ponder on it.  Sure enough, as I prayed I had a peace that this is what we were to do and that somehow we'd be okay as well.  The Lord was mindful of all of them and would also care for us if we did as prompted.

Several months later I still hadn't finalized a job proposition that I'd been working on for many weeks - which also meant that no one would rent a new place to us.  I prayed MUCH.  I told the Lord that I knew that He was mindful of us but that I was stressing and unsure of what to do.  I had worked so hard and was very tired both emotionally and physically.  I wondered if I was missing something and/or what I was to do.  The few weeks we had remaining had turned into days.  It was a Wednesday and we had to be out by Saturday.  My dear sweet mother had hired a maid to come help clean once we were out (a needful thing for me as....I knew that, this time, I really couldn't physically do all that needed to be done.)

Tuesday evening a new close friend felt prompted to call me.  She said that her husband (a deeply spiritual man) had something he felt to share with me.  We ended up talking for about 45 minutes and he answered some questions on particular things that I'd had for many years.  It was the right timing for those answers and - the space in my life for me to be able to really receive them - had been created.  It was a tender mercy changing for me.

With this new information I was able to approach the Lord in mighty prayer that same evening.  Coupled with a very kind offer from my sweet Dad - the new truths and principles that I had learned the night before helped me have the tools necessary to find a new rental place very early the next morning.  I texted the owner and he said that we could move in that very day (sight unseen).  It was all that needed to happen.

This is the background for the miracle of TODAY!

I've always been hard-working and organized and clean.  My very first blog "Simplify Heart and Home" was on organizing and simplifying.  Brigham Young is my hero in that regard.  He taught of having a place for everything and everything in it's place.  My philosophy is that most people just have TOO MUCH STUFF!!!  It clutters not only their homes and garages and storage units - but also their lives and emotions.  (That might be an entry for another day.)

Anyway,  as we've put things away in our new place we've had the chance to go through things, once again. (I try to do it often).  Some of the rooms have built-in shelves making a few of our old bookcases unnecessary.  Now, some people would tell you to 'hang-on to might need them someday".  But...the Spirit teaches me differently.  I have learned to ask "Do I need this?"  And, many times, it's 'nay'.

So....2 older bookcases were in the garage.  I had used them in our former place for canned goods.  It worked.  But, I didn't need them anymore and...I didn't want to ever have to move them again.  (Did I mention that I was TIRED? Moving is hard work.)  :)

Today was the day I felt to list them.  I usually list items on one particular site  I felt to list them on Craigslist - For FREE - which I did.  Within 30 minutes I had 'takers'.  I could tell that they were foreigners but I wasn't sure from where.  When they arrived we became instant friends.  Here is their story.

They are from Singapore.  They've been on a waiting list to come to the U.S. and were, by rare chance, finally 'accepted'.  They, and their 3 daughters, gave away all their belongings to church members in their area and arrived here with nothing but their clothes. 

They were in great need.  No one would rent a place for them as they didn't have 'credit history'.  They didn't know what to do.  One day they felt to go to the Temple.  As they entered the front doors who would be at the front desk but a missionary couple they had known 10 yrs. earlier in Singapore.  Tears were shed and friendships reestablished.  This couple asked their friends and neighbors to please donate things that they might have been going to give to charity - to this family.  They helped them find a place to live and a vehicle to drive to his new job.  This man also told them that they could find 'free things' on Craigslist.  That's where I come in.  I felt to post to Craigslist and I felt to post 'today'.  This man checked the site before he went to work.  They needed bookcases for their daughters'.

We hugged and we were friends.  We felt love between us and I told them that I was grateful that this happened for all of us.  For them; because they received what they needed.  For me because I needed to be part of a miracle today.  I told them that I felt that this was what the Lord would have us do; help one another.  That's the spirit of why we are here and what we are to do with ALL that He has given to us.  It's His anyway.  Not ours.

Later, in the afternoon, the adversary took a turn on me.  I was tired, discouraged, and feeling stressed about how I would pay for this new place.  (Ironic, isn't it?)  It was that adversarial timing when I was already tired from having the washer and dryer not work, stove break down, leaky faucets, and....big changes for me and my children with this move.  I had been spending time getting new appliances since the landlord lived out of state.  He was kind to pay but asked if I'd be willing to go find some.  It had taken more time and energy than I had, being the second week in a new place, and trying to work from home while helping my homeschooling son with his challenges.  I was just tired.

As I was processing a large amount of 'overwhelm' I was sincerely sharing my deep concerns with the Lord and trying not to cry in front of my children.  Single-parenting is hard anyway and it just happened that everything seemed to be coming at me on this particular afternoon.  Then, a knock came at the door.  It was our dear new Bishop.  He asked if we were okay. And he really meant it.  He said that he felt prompted to come and to offer me any help that I may need.  It was something that I've not experienced in that way before and it was more powerful than I can express.

He offered for us to borrow a couch that he doesn't need until November.  He runs a seasonal shop and the couch is in storage until winter.  I hesitated and he told me not to.  He said that he really didn't need it right now and that it would not be a problem for us to use it.

Can you believe it?  This, to me, was really a miracle.  It was not by chance that this was all today.  I was deeply moved and, this time, the tears were those of gratitude.  I was the recipient of kindness that I really needed but didn't know to ask for.

To those of you who have never been in need (any out there?)  :) you might not understand what this means.  But, I am guessing that some of you have had major challenges in your lives as well.  You know what it's like to really lack something.  You also know what it's like to help someone who needs uplifting.

I am not sure that I have done justice to this issue.  It's difficult to really express what I have felt today and to have you understand at the level that I'm feeling it.  I share it, this post, by way of testimony.  All I have I owe to the Lord.  He is the maker of miracles - especially those that happen within our own hearts.

My life has not been easy.  We've had many other times when, for years, our needs have gone unmet.  We've suffered and struggled much.  It's been harder than I could ever express.  But, we've learned a lot and...we have compassion for those with life challenges as well.  We'd give the jacket of our own back if it was needed more by someone else.  We know that the Lord will provide and bless all of us if we seek to do His will and lift and strengthen those around us.  That is why we are here. 

This is my testimony.


  1. Heidi, You are amazing!X! I am so glad that you are in a safe place now:) The struggles of a Mother are just as you stated. The Lord is near, but so is Satan. We strive to listen and do what is right. And just for a moment, we feel peaceful. Then that other voice, (the voice of negativity), seems to be so much louder and self destructive, has to deliver a blow to see if He can knock you off your feet. I am so glad that you are so strong! For Heavenly Father knows of your desire to do SO much good. He will always be near you. I have also had to beg for my children's welfare at times. I know these struggles. And I know that Miracles DO Happen Everyday :) Take care!

  2. Thank you, Trina. You are very kind! I appreciate you writing as well as sharing! Yes, it will all work-out in the end. :)


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