Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Things Seem 'UnFair"

Recently I've had occasion to seek the Lord in deep and sincere prayer concerning an issue of 'unfairness' that has really affected me; more-so than perhaps ever before in my life.

Painting by Walter Rane
I realize that as we come closer to the Lord our joys and understanding will be greater and that the law of opposition means that our sorrows and trials will become stronger and deeper.  I believe that this is part of the refining process.  And, today for me, it has been very painful.

I won't share the exact issue as it really won't mean anything to most of you anyway.  What I will say is that there are things in life that are 'unfair' but, as I have learned, all will stand accountable for their actions, their promptings, the way they treated others' and what they did with their wealth/stewardship. 
As a single-parent of three you may well-know (or not - as many people don't) the sufferings and struggling of families who live on little and often go without basic needs being met (including emotional, physical, mental and financial).  You also may know of others' who live high-on-the-hog; often insensitive to those around them in need.

I wonder if I have been as aware of the needs of others' as I could have been.  I've examined my heart and sought to know if there was anything I needed to clear-up, repent of, or restitute for, that I haven't already.  My desire is to be able to appear before my maker with clean hands and a pure heart.  This life is the time to do that.  I do not want to wait on any of it.  I want to make sure that I do whatever I can to be at peace with myself and so that I can be a vessel of light as things around us continue to decay.

This past week of trial has given me cause to reflect as well as seek, from the Source, the only waters that would heal my soul.  Nothing else, no advice, no 'input' or 'counsel' from any human being could give me the salve I needed.  It was only the Lord who could teach me what I had to know concerning this matter.  I've shed a lot of tears and that has been somewhat cleansing.

As I've studied and pondered on Zion and there being 'no poor' among us - I've wondered how we'll get there.  Will those who have not been willing to share much - have to learn, in a hard way, the needed lessons of salvation?  Will they get off scot-free?  Have they been blessed with wealth because they are more righteous or loved than some of the rest of us?  Will they need to repent of their thoughtlessness and/or worldliness before they can enter into the Lord's rest?

These are the sincere and specific questions that I asked today.  I did receive some answers - way above the Sunday School ones that are often shared by well-intended class members.  The latter would not have given me what I needed.  And, what I did receive, is more than I can share on here.

As we seek to build the Kingdom - what are our personal roles?  What gifts and talents (including financial talents) do we need in order to do our part of the work?  If we are completely committed to putting the Lord first - will we give up all and any things we're asked to give-up - when someone else needs them?  Or...will we think that we earned them by our own efforts and be unwilling to see them as stewardships.

Today has been hard.  I've had to process through some extreme emotions on my path to understanding the true principle behind what has happened this week.  I've gone to some depths in doing so.  And, that too, is part of this mortal learning.

I'm feeling better now that I understand the true principles.  Thanks, Lord.


  1. What an honest post Heidi, and how pleased the Lord must be with your sincere desire for answers and for peace. You're a wonderful example of how to handle trials with humility. xx

  2. Same to you, Sarah! You have taught me MUCH!!!
    Thank you for your kind words!


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