Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Things Seem 'UnFair"

Recently I've had occasion to seek the Lord in deep and sincere prayer concerning an issue of 'unfairness' that has really affected me; more-so than perhaps ever before in my life.

Painting by Walter Rane
I realize that as we come closer to the Lord our joys and understanding will be greater and that the law of opposition means that our sorrows and trials will become stronger and deeper.  I believe that this is part of the refining process.  And, today for me, it has been very painful.

I won't share the exact issue as it really won't mean anything to most of you anyway.  What I will say is that there are things in life that are 'unfair' but, as I have learned, all will stand accountable for their actions, their promptings, the way they treated others' and what they did with their wealth/stewardship. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


I've had some difficult times in my life.  Because of those I've turned to the Lord a lot.  He has blessed and strengthened me and...because of my righteous desires, blessed me with some special and sacred spiritual gifts.  I prize those more highly than life itself.

One of the spiritual gifts to which we can all aspire is the gift of discernment.  It's multifaceted and can mean several things.  This past year I have come to know more surely how it can mean the discerning of light within a person.

Light within a person is the most beautiful thing there is.  Light emminates from the Lord as a result of putting Him first and living a life of virtue.  VIRTUE is BEAUTIFUL.  In fact, it's the only thing of TRUE beauty and results in peace of mind, loveliness and hope. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today's Miracles the Lord works in our behalf

We recently moved to a new location a few miles from our previous one.  We were in a wonderful little neighborhood with many elderly couples.  It was one of the best places we have lived and we LOVED our neighbors.  (Particularly dear, sweet, 87 yr. old Naoma who told me one day that if she needed gardening helps she'd just 'go ask google'.)  :)

We were led to live there by some miracles and, though small, it was cozy and comfortable, clean and safe for us.  That was a blessing.

But, last December, a gal approached me with a request.  Her parents lived behind us and were very ill.  She wondered if we'd consider moving out and selling our rental contract to her so that she and her husband could come and care for her parents in their last months of life.  I was a bit taken-back by this unexpected inquiry but told her that I would ponder on it.  It would be our 12th move in 12 years.  I was tired (as were my 3 teenagers) but....I told her that I would certainly ponder on it.  Sure enough, as I prayed I had a peace that this is what we were to do and that somehow we'd be okay as well.  The Lord was mindful of all of them and would also care for us if we did as prompted.

Living the Law of Consecration - No Poor Among Us

What is the Law of Consecration and and why should we live it?
In my studies over the years I've come to really believe that the Lord wants to provide us with 'sufficient for our needs'.  More than that is to be used to care for the poor and the needy.  We are 'on trial' as to what we will do with our resources.  Will we use them for self-gratification or as the Lord would have us; to bless those in need, to comfort the weary, to strengthen the feeble knees?

I'm grateful for things I've learned from personal challenges which have made me more aware and sensitive to the needs of others'.  I'm also become very thankful for even the smallest kindnesses in my behalf; the use of of a neighbors' truck to move, a 87 yr. old widowed-neighbor who brought over can of soup and package of crackers to provide a quick lunch during that move, a friend who would text with kind words of support and encouragement when I was completely exhausted.  These are the things that made a difference and these are the things that have mattered most to me in life.