Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In my quest to simplify I'm actually adding to my list of things-to-do.  How does that happen?  I've been trying to let-go of non-essentials (which has included really down-sizing my bookshelves amongst other things) in order to have room for the basics.  Since we've moved a lot we've also de-junked or 'simplified' every time.  We're now in a very small place (2 bedroom for 4 of us) with very little room for anything but necessities.  It's a blessing in many ways as we've learned to be much more frugal than we thought we ever could and have let go of a lot of material wants in order to focus our attentions on the spiritual and emotional.

I don't think I'll list all the things on my platter right now since that will probably come back to haunt me.  But, I will say that my computer broke, car is having problems, finances aren't sufficient for all the needs coming in, and there is much service needing to be done for others.

My mom reminds me that I don't look like I'm in need- so most people have no idea how challenging my life as a single-mom is.  But, I'm not so sure that message is comforting to me.  How many of us 'look' like we're in need?  We keep pressing on, praying much, seeking guidance and help from above and...hoping we'll make it through the challenges we all face. 

Monday, November 7, 2011