Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mormon Moms Who Blog and....All About Preparedness

It's been a while since I've blogged on here as my other blogs have been taking my time and attention.  As the ward Preparedness Specialist I've put in many hours on a ward blog trying to share Prophetic Statements and help those who haven't caught the vision. SlateCanyon13Preparedness

The other main blog I've been working on is called All About Preparedness.  Several months back I wondered how I could share the things I've studied for so many years and felt so strongly about -- regarding Signs of the Times, the Millenium, Building Zion, Food Storage and Preparedness, Obedience to Prophetic Counsel etc. The blog is an answer to that question and those prayers.

The first blog I ever did was on home management and organization.  It was a good first attempt and interesting beginning.  And, in trying to find a way to share it with others' I realized the need for an online place to list and share ideas. So, the blog LIST was born;  Mormon Moms Who Blog.  It has provide a place for LDS women to find each other and to intermingle.  Many have good things to share but few had a place to build their readership worldwide. 

It's been a fun venture and I continue to learn and figure out how to do things.  (That is the hardest part for me as I'm not extremely technically savvy.)  It's an adventure and an outlet for all of us to be able to connect with each other.  For that, I'm grateful!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thanks for Following Me

I'm not sure how to express how rewarding it is for me to have anyone following me.  It's 'cool' (if that is still accepted as part of current vernacular.)  Last night my 13 yr. old daughter informed me that  "LOL" is "way last decade, Mom".  So, hopefully my readers will understand.

Anyway, I wanted to do this "Simply Mormon" blog awhile back to share my personal views of life and the testimony I've gained from hard years of personal experience and study.

Most of our lives don't quite turn out as expected, planned, or hoped-for.  Some may.  But, for those of us who have been privileged to learn from hard-knocks, lessons that have humbled and dropped us to our knees, others' choices (good or poor), and our own personal prayers - I say we're blessed.  Life lessons can be wonderful and amazing if we learn from them and grow closer to our Father who desires for us to do that.  He is my closest friend - and I say that in all humility and sincerity.  I wouldn't have made it through excruciating pain without His help.  For that, I am eternally grateful.