Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Savior of the World

Last night my children and I went to Salt Lake to see a musical/theatrical production entitled "Savior of the World".  It was marvelous and deeply moving to me.  I wept at the Savior's appearance to his beloved disciples after his death and resurrection.  I felt as they might have; in awe and extreme gratitude.  

Though we saw the production after Christmas Day; it was very meaningful to me as I have sincerely been pondering on the life of the Savior and how we can come to know him better.

In a recent talk in church I was very moved by a speaker and his timely message about the Savior, His life and mission, and what Christmas really was all about.  I pondered much on what he said and why we often are so mistakenly materialistic in our society.  There is no peace in that nor long-term satisfaction.  Afterwards remains emptiness and unfulfilled real needs and longings.

I had a very peaceful Christmas this year and felt much contentment at the end of the day.  Our limited resources helped us to focus more on what we could do to help others' in need. We were blessed with several of those experiences through school and church programs.  I think my children realized that though they might have felt they had little -- they were really truly blessed to have a warm home, food to eat, and a mother who loves them very dearly.

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  1. we took our family to that production as well. It was beautifully portrayed.


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