Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Healing Properties in Nature

A dear friend recently told me the story of a man who went to see a herbalist in her valley for his stress and high blood pressure.  The man was tested of many things and came out clean.  The specialist then proceeded to instruct the man to go out and spend some time in nature.  He left her office upset and without paying for the 'advice'.

A few weeks later he called her and asked 'Can I come and pay you now?'
He had taken her counsel as he was out of other options and didn't know what else to do. 
He had found peace again and his life had been changed for the better.

My friend, who related this story to me, was at the seminar where this specialist spoke.  As she shared this with me it struck a chord in my own soul and I have been trying to heed that.  My recent stresses have included another move, getting reestablished and helping my children through the challenges of changes.

We're right up against a mountain now and only a few minutes from some walking trails. I went out with my friend and her husband last weekend for a short hike.  It truly was renewing.  I was reminded of the importance of taking time in our routine to breathe in fresh air, to absorb the beauties of nature and to appreciate what we have been blessed with.

Life can be filled with change.  Nature and Seasons may be too.  We can do well to learn from that symbolism.


  1. I too am starting a blog, as a Mormon mom who seeks to live a simple, spirit-filled life. Viewing and showing gratitude for the beauties of nature enriches my life on a regular basis. We have mountains above our neighborhood and lovely view of the Great Salt Lake (not so "great" right now with the drought). Thanks for your blog. You can find me at

  2. Thank you for a lovely post! My favorite statement is Enjoy the Moments; and I know when I do I have more peace in my life. I love you new blog and will follow it.
    If you get a moment check out my site; Living Waters
    I have a really sweet video of Jonah and the Whale that will bring a smile to your face.


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