Thursday, April 22, 2010

Upcoming Seminar "Living in the Last Days"

A group of 'like-minded' individuals have gotten together to provide a wonderful seminar for the residents of Cache Valley, Utah.  We will be holding the afternoon event on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at the Logan Tabernacle.  Our focus is on 'Spiritual Preparedness' in the Last Days.  We've entitled the day " prepare my people" which are the Savior's own words.

I am reminded of a statement from a friend after a recent 'temporal preparedness' seminar.  She said "He just wants to feed us".

Our goal is to provide that same spiritual nourishment for those who come to participate with us.  Many of us, seeing the 'Signs of the Times' feel compelled to pull-together in righteous causes.  We have much Good to look forward to in the future.

Our excellent speakers; Scott Bradley, Janet Summit, Farley Anderson and Arlene K. Butler, have given their life's work to this cause.  Their messages are timely and fulfilling.

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  1. Thanks Heidi! I appreciate your efforts to influence the world in a good way!

  2. I am fairly new to the blogging; but I am loving the blogs that I am following. I really like your new one. I think the idea of being prepared both physically and spiritually for the 2nd coming is so important. I wish I lived in the Cache Valley area and I would come. I did live in Richmond, Utah for about 3 years and loved it.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    My new blog is called Living Waters check it out when you have moment. http:/

  3. Your seminar sounds quite interesting and uplifting. Great idea!

    Many times I've wanted to say thank you for providing a spot for Mormon moms to connect online, but didn't know how to reach you. So, thank you for posting about your blog on Mormon Moms Who Blog, and thank you for making it possible to find and make new latter-day saint friends. You've done (and are doing) a great job with this site. Many thanks!

  4. Thank you so much for keeping me in contact with other Mormon Moms who blog:) I love connecting with so many good people here!!!

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