Monday, April 12, 2010

Bloggin' Women ---

You know the favorite song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers called "Sobbin' Women" (Sabine Women)?  It reminds me of my new entrance on Mormon Mom's Who Blog called "Bloggin' Women.  I've realized that all my blogs have served purposes and have been sort of therapeutic.  It's nice to be able to share our thoughts and feelings in cyberspace.  I've received some great comments and have made some new 'friends' in the blogosphere.  That has been rewarding.


  1. I contribute to each of my blogs at different times. It depends on what I have to say at the time as to what blog it is best suited.

  2. I try and post something on my blogs every 2 - 3 coupon blog more often. Sometimes when I cook a new recipe and find something interesting that has to do with running my house, I'll post multiple often and what you post is totally up to you !!!

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