Monday, September 14, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not

Do you remember the old pioneer adage; "Waste Not, Want Not"?

It's been on my mind as of late. As I have been preparing some fruits and vegetables for winter storage there was preparation involved. Each time I cut a bit too much of the peel off -- the thought would come to mind 'waste not, want not'. It's been a reminder to me that it's the wasting of small things that add up to larger things.

During time of war --- even small potato peelings can be savory and coveted dishes. Oftimes people are lucky to have any small meal at all.

With economic uncertainty --- this old adage takes on new meaning. We'd all do well to heed it's message and take note of what we may waste.

I remember an elderly couple who had served as missionaries in a third world country. They talked of the waste that saw when back in the U.S. They talked of so much good food being thrown into garbages.

I know that sometimes I've had food in the fridge that went uneaten --- and then, thrown out. I'm trying to do better at that and use up our resources more wisely.

On my mission to Mexico my companions were all very frugal. One sewed her nylons with a needle and thread so they would last longer. All were native Mexicans and used to living on very little. I learned some lessons in frugality that have blessed my life.

Another powerful pioneer adage would be well for us to note instead of always purchasing new items: 'use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without'.

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