Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lulled into Carnal Security

This article is a must read.
We're living in perilous times and haven't the luxury of putting out heads in the sand if we want to survive the storms ahead. We cannot afford to be lulled into carnal security.

I hope you'll read this article that was published today in LDSMagazine.

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  1. A great article. Two things come to mind. First, those who want bigger government (more spending) do not care about economic recovery. They simply want power. Economic ruin is good for them because it gives the appearance of something they can blame on their predecessors to help them deceive their way into office.

    Second, the Church has defined ultimate self-reliance as independence from external sources, including dependency on government. We cannot stop the 'mortal wounds' our economy has received recently, so we must find ways to separate ourselves from it. This means in every way possible. You are helping to achieve this independence through your skills in organization and frugal living, and by knowing how to effectively educate your children (and others) independent of public schooling.

    We can all find ways to contribute to the 'village'. And by the way, Hillary is not invited to THIS village!


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