Thursday, April 9, 2009

Satan Divides, God GATHERS!!!

I found this wonderful article on Meridian Magazine today. It's worthy of reading and pondering. As we're in the 'winding-up days' this article gives added insight into how God gathers us to Him.

I hope you'll read and ponder it.
All of us long to be loved and to feel secure.
The message here is that it is a possiblity for all of us as we draw near unto the Lord.

A truly Happy Easter!


  1. I loved this article, too! How i wish everyone saw things as we see them!

  2. A really good article. I find it interesting that when the Savior visited the Nephites, one of the very first things he commanded them was to avoid contention. And as we see throughout the Book of Mormon, it was little quarrels, fueled by pride and selfishness, that ultimately led to the destruction of entire cities and civilizations. Losing sight of the
    forest because of a few seemingly big trees has been a challenge for many, including myself at times. We get caught up in the 'validity' of our arguement (the trees), not realizing that we are missing the bigger picture (the forest) by letting the so-called validity of our argument - whatever it was about - bring contention and division into our lives. I have been so much more at peace with myself and with the Lord when I am able to overlook differences. Conflicts can be healthy when they are resolved lovingly rather than with contention. It empowers the love of God in our lives when we can do that, and really weakens Satan. Interesting how there really isn't any middle ground on this issue - we either do it the Lord's way or Satan's way - they can't both claim victory for a battle fought in the grey area.


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