Monday, February 16, 2009

What Prophets have said about Socialism

Pres. Ezra Taft Benson; former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and later Prophet of our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) made the following statements years ago. We'd be wise to take heed as they are, perhaps, even more applicable to our day.

"I fear for the future when I realize that our once-free institutions -- political, economic, educational, and social -- have been drifting into the hands of those who favor the welfare state, and who would "centralize all power in the hands of the political apparatus in Washington. This enhancement of political power at the expense of individual rights, so often disguised as 'democracy' or 'freedom' or 'civil rights,' is 'socialism,' no matter what name tag it bears".

"Our people must think. They must discuss. They must have the courage of their convictions. They must decide on a course of action and they must follow through. All this must be done freely, in the open, without government dictation or control".

"We cannot afford to minimize the threat of socialism in America. We must be on guard against unsound theories and programs which strike at the root of all we hold dear. We have lived too long under a government of controls. Government by control has extended into almost all of our economy and even invaded many of our personal freedoms. We must be made aware of this and be awakened to its dangers.
This major effort is to keep left-wing, bureaucratic planners away from control of our national government. They are leading us today toward more and more socialization of our entire economy, a weakening of the free-enterprise system, and an increase in the regulation and domination of the people of America."

These quotes are from the 1960's to late 1970's. We're even much worse off than before. How did it happen? Perhaps this next statement can give us some insights as to why:

"From the fifth grade through the fourth year of college, our young people are being indoctrinated with a Marxist philosophy, and I am fearful of the harvest. The younger generation is further to the left than most adults realize. The old concepts of our Founding Fathers are scoffed and jeered at by young moderns whose goals appear to be the destruction of integrity and virtue, and the glorification of pleasure, thrills, and self-indulgence".

"Successful parents have found that it is not easy to rear children in an environment polluted with evil. Therefore, they take deliberate steps to provide the best of wholesome influences. Moral principles are taught. Good books are made available and read. Television watching is controlled. Good and uplifting music is provided. But most important, the scriptures are read and discussed as a means to help develop spiritual mindedness."