Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Simple Kindnesses

Over the months on my several different blogs -- I've received many comments. Most are very kind. They uplift and bless. But, once in a while I get rude ones. They are not kind and are mean-spirited. Those tell us more about the person sending them than they do about ourselves.

I've often wondered why simple kindnesses are so vital and wonderful. They do all the good things; bless, uplift, encourage etc.

Rudeness is all around us. Thankfully it's not the majority of most of our interactions. But, when it does come it's like an attacking sword. Our only defenses are the light that we have within and the shields we've placed around ourselves.

I'm so grateful for friendships from those who desire to strengthen, encourage, not compete and who are kind-spirited whose mission is to bless those around them.

In the spirit of 'open-mindedness', 'truth', 'positive arguments' etc. many justify their rudeness. They have the "right" to do so. But, is that really what they'd like to be known for? Does it encourage fellowship? Does it make the world a better place? Is it true, noble, praiseworthy, virtuous, or of good-report? If not, perhaps those types would reconsider their manners of communication. It seems to me that humility and teachability are two of the best qualities for building relationships and encouraging ennobling traits.

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