Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Conditions Existing in the Last Days

My dear friend Melissa sent me this quote.

'We read in the Scriptures of a time that is coming when there will be a howling among the merchants in Babylon, for men will not be found to buy their merchandise. This is in accordance with the prediction of John the Revelator. And the gold and silver and the fine linen, etc, in Babylon will be of no avail. But before that time comes, we as a people must prepare for those events, that we may be able to live and sustain ourselves when in the midst of convulsions that by and by will overtake the nations of the earth and among others, this nation. The time that is spoken of is not very far distant.
-John Taylor, JD 21:33, April 9, 1879

What is True Religion?

As I have understood it true religion is to visit the fatherless and the widow and to help the poor and the needy. But, here are some other insightful and powerful comments on True Religion. They are worthy of much pondering as we approach the time of year in which we naturally reach-out in an effort to be more Christlike.

I don't believe that true religion is just an action. It's an attitude of the heart. The question then becomes -- do we love the poor (and in spirit) and the needy more than we love the things of the world? Are we willing to give up all 'things' in order to put the Lord and His work (the building up of His Kingdom on earth) first?

Elder Howard W. Hunter writes in his talk entitled True Religion -- that "James tells us that true religion is a devotion to God, demonstrated by love and compassion for fellowmen, coupled with unworldliness. Be rather religious both in appearance and in reality, remembering what true religion means."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Standing Firm for what is good and true

We're living in the day where we may have to stand-up for what we believe in -- even if the cost is high.

Residents of California who strongly supported marriage to be defined as between one man and one woman -- are facing persecutions and near riots. It will, most likely, get worse before it gets better. I honor them and support them. We are to stand strong amid the buffetings and storms that may come.

No matter what lies ahead we are to stand firm for what is good and true. The opposition is going to get worse but it's a time of weeding-out and purifying. I love it when Elder Oaks reminded us that no matter what lies ahead this we do know; that "in the end, our team wins".

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Happy Person is . . .

I read this statement "A Happy Person is a Grateful Person" by Pres. Howard W. Hunter years ago. It has stayed with me as I have needed the reminder over and over again.

Oftimes this statement will come to mind when I am feeling down. I have conscientiously tried to be more grateful and have often written my gratitude list in my daily journal. Yet, I'm still not always cheerful or 'happy'. But, I do have an underlying joy that overcomes the lack of constant 'happiness' by the worlds terms. I wonder if the 'fun' or energetic kind that we often associate with 'happiness' is the fleeting kind discussed in the scriptures. True joy is lasting and brings peace -- the kind that is not associated with the fun and games so often sought in this temporal existence.

What do you think?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Quotes about the Last Days- live on what we produce

These quotes tend to indicate that in a coming day there will be no trade between the righteous and the wicked; and the righteous will have to live on what they produce. It's something to think about.....

..."By and by there will be a gulf between the righteous and the wicked so that they can not trade with each other, and national intercourse will cease. It is not so now, they can pass from one to the other with ease. But if this is the Kingdom of God and if we are the Saints of God -- I leave you all the judge for yourselves about this -- are we not required to sustain ourselves and to manufacture that which we consume." (Brigham Young)

"Lay up your stores, and take your silks and fine things, and exchange them for grain and such things as you need, and the time will come when we will be obliged to depend upon our own resources; for the time is not far distant when the curtain will be dropped between us and the United States. When that time comes, brethren and sisters, you will wish you had commenced sooner to make your own clothing. I tell you, God requires us to go into home manufacture; and prolong it as much as you like, you have go to do it." (Heber C. Kimball)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanksgiving and journal writing

Despite the fact that the stores are filled with Christmas items --- it's our blessing and privilege to take time out for Thanksgiving and to count our many blessings.

My sweet Uncle Earl brought me over a new journal yesterday! I was very touched and humbled!

On Sunday in our personal history class I mentioned that I had just finished writing on the last page of my journal and would be saving my pennies to buy another one! Unbenonced to me, he had a new one that he wasn't using and was somehow prompted to think of me. I would bet that he has no idea of how much that meant to me (though I will try to tell him) as I will think of him and feel humbled and grateful EVERY time I write in it!

This thing touched my heart and reminded me of how the little things in life mean the most; a kind word, a thoughtful note, a hug or pat on the back, encouragement, noticing a need and giving of one's self or one's means.

This past year has brought some difficult challenges for our family. The kind gesture of a thoughtful person truly uplifted me and lightened my load. For that I am extremely grateful. I am starting my beautiful new journal tonight with a page of all the things that I have to be thankful for. Uncle Earl will be at the top. Thank you, Uncle Earl!

And, thank you for those of you who make kind comments on any of my blogs. You bless my life and help me along the path!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

55 Million in Mourning.....

Today millions are celebrating the victory of their candidate. Others of us are mourning the loss of a hope that we had for conservative principles and leadership.

It may take some time for us to work through that sense of loss and re-group with other like-minded individuals.

An ABC representative interviewed on KSL radio this morning commented that most politicians are 'self-serving'. Despite his rhetoric we have no way of knowing just what Obama will do once he enters the White House. We won't know until he gets there if he will remain leftist or center himself more in an effort to pull the nation together as he has claimed.

I believe he'll remain closer to what he's been in the past especially since Reid and Pelosi are part of the threesome. That whole thought should not be a pleasant one for any of us; even Democrats. Balance in power is one of the things that we need most in Washington. Without it many important and informed voices in the nation will not be heard.

And, with the Senate and House both having gained more seats for Democrats; we're in for a rocky ride. In an already tough state-of-being this may be more than we can handle. We must keep ourselves rooted to true principles and pray for our elected officials.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Constitution hanging by a thread

This morning on the Glenn Beck radio program I heard Senator Hatch from Utah interviewed. He said (as has been prophecied) that he feels that the Constitution is hanging-by-a-thread! Glenn Beck echoed these comments over the next few hours.

I've known that this day would come -- I just didn't expect that it would be today!

Senator Hatch said that he had fought against this for the whole time that he has been back in Washington.

We live in times that have been prophecied. President Benson was a strong-proponent and advocate for the Proper Role of Government. We are getting away from that and heading towards a socialistic society. This could be the downfall of our nation.

In the days ahead our quest is to hold fast to proper principles, be steadfast and immovable for righteousness, heed the counsel of our Prophet and obey what the Lord has asked us to do. Only in this way can we be strengthened in the stormy weather that is ahead.

Freedoms We Enjoy

What a blessing to have the freedoms that we enjoy!

Today we had the opportunity to vote. I remember watching the voters in Iraq last year. Some travelled by foot for hours to cast the first ballot of their lives.

Do we know what we have? Are we grateful for what others did to sacrifice so that we could have the freedoms that we do?

These moments have caused me deep reflection and deep gratitude. We pray that we may continue to enjoy them. They are being threatened!