Saturday, December 27, 2008

Laboratory of our own homes

Everything we need to be able to return to our Heavenly Father can be found in the laboratory of our own homes.

I came across this in my files today. It's from a church conference in Montana in 2003. The President reminded the congregation of some simple and important principles. I appreciated the reminder and, of course, need to work on some of them.

5 principles that are vital to the happiness of our families:

1. Speak softly (we seldom get into trouble if we speak softly)
2. Council with the Lord. Seek His help and advice. Take our problems to the Lord. (There are over 700 scriptures, where the Lord asks us to come to Him in our needs.
3. Don't embarrass the members of your family (knowingly)
4. Don't criticize members of your family. Learn to still a critical tongue. (Look for and a
acknowledge the good).
5. Don't be controlling. Heavenly Father is not a controlling Father. All must have agency.


  1. Those are great points. I'm going to use that for my family home evening lesson. Thanks for sharing.

    (From a stranger who likes your blog)

  2. I love this formula Heidi! I am gonna steal it and post it on my blog, I hope that is ok?

    I hope that you are having a great new year so far. I love your mind set of always trying to improve as to be pleasing to the lord, :)


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