Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Constitution hanging by a thread

This morning on the Glenn Beck radio program I heard Senator Hatch from Utah interviewed. He said (as has been prophecied) that he feels that the Constitution is hanging-by-a-thread! Glenn Beck echoed these comments over the next few hours.

I've known that this day would come -- I just didn't expect that it would be today!

Senator Hatch said that he had fought against this for the whole time that he has been back in Washington.

We live in times that have been prophecied. President Benson was a strong-proponent and advocate for the Proper Role of Government. We are getting away from that and heading towards a socialistic society. This could be the downfall of our nation.

In the days ahead our quest is to hold fast to proper principles, be steadfast and immovable for righteousness, heed the counsel of our Prophet and obey what the Lord has asked us to do. Only in this way can we be strengthened in the stormy weather that is ahead.


  1. Just because some senator said that phrase that HAPPENS to be a LDS prophecy doesn't mean that it's coming true.

    Man, I think that the constitution is hanging by a thread too especially since obama is now prez; but it sure doesn't mean this is the end times.

    Stop looking where there's nothing there. The Lord gave you a brain, please use it!

  2. I can see why you wrote anonymously. :)

    You contradict yourself.

    We're all doing the best that we can. I'm grateful for what I've learned and, of course, am trying to use my brain -- and heart -- to understand things and make good and wise decisions.

  3. Heidi - I thought you might like a reference to the Prophet's statement that the Constitution to Hang by a Thread.


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