Wednesday, November 5, 2008

55 Million in Mourning.....

Today millions are celebrating the victory of their candidate. Others of us are mourning the loss of a hope that we had for conservative principles and leadership.

It may take some time for us to work through that sense of loss and re-group with other like-minded individuals.

An ABC representative interviewed on KSL radio this morning commented that most politicians are 'self-serving'. Despite his rhetoric we have no way of knowing just what Obama will do once he enters the White House. We won't know until he gets there if he will remain leftist or center himself more in an effort to pull the nation together as he has claimed.

I believe he'll remain closer to what he's been in the past especially since Reid and Pelosi are part of the threesome. That whole thought should not be a pleasant one for any of us; even Democrats. Balance in power is one of the things that we need most in Washington. Without it many important and informed voices in the nation will not be heard.

And, with the Senate and House both having gained more seats for Democrats; we're in for a rocky ride. In an already tough state-of-being this may be more than we can handle. We must keep ourselves rooted to true principles and pray for our elected officials.


  1. we do have to put our trust in God at this time!

    Heidi! Thank you for your sweet comments about the post on my dad. I forwarded them to my sister Rachel. Your comment made my day!

    I am glad that we are connected thru our blogs and so glad to know that there are others that share common beliefs. xoxox! Becky

  2. 55 million in mourning....

    We went to the temple last night with our youth, and when we got home to see McCain giving his concession speech, it was like a punch in the gut.

    Sadly, I wasn't surprised. It's a sign of the times that traditional values have gone so far by the way side to allow someone like this to run our country. We have to cling to our faith even more than before.


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