Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was tagged...

I was 'tagged' by sweet Merrianne --- and figured that I'd better respond today.

Apparently I'm to tell you 7 (or 10) things that you didn't know about me. it goes:

1. Years and years and years ago :) certified scuba diver (wierd for me - I know)
2. Ruffles and milk, carrots from the garden, watermelon, fresh Hawaiian pineapple
3. Fer really, really Dumb; trying out for jr. high gymnastics team -- without ever having taken gymnastics
4. First election won: 4th grade "Sanitation Engineer"
5. First job; picking cherries (Favorite job; teaching at MTC)
6. Favorite thing; playing the female lead in stake production of The Music Man
7. Wear two toe rings and still waiting for knight in shining (or dented and rusted) armor
8. Biggest pet-peeve; gum chompers/snappers (even worse when they are on the stand) :)
9. Popcorn chompers (have to move around in the movie theater) :)
10. Tom's of Maine -- all natural toothpaste - peppermint

Thanks Merrianne!

I'm tagging 7 others....

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  1. thanks for doing the tag!!! i love getting to know you better!!!!


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