Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Accidents can happen...

Accidents can happen to anyone. That is why they are called 'accident's.

We were involved in a car accident on Friday. Our small vehicle was totalled and the woman who hit us felt badly. She raised her hands into the air and said in her broken English "I love God, but why this?"

Though we were hurting and were in shock, I tried to reassure her that this was something that was part of life. God doesn't 'cause' all accidents. We are human beings who make mistakes, use poor judgement, don't pay attention, and don't always have things go the 'right' way for us.

But, it doesn't mean that God doesn't love us. In allowing us the ability to learn and grow and progress in this life - he, by higher laws, permits consequences to happen. In this way we can learn how to respond to daily challenges and sometimes even serious trials. These things all shape and mold us into better beings if we rely on Him to help us through them.


  1. You are sooo right!!!!
    i am glad you are OK! my goodness!!

    things like that help me put my life in perspective... you never know what can happen from one moment to the next!!!!

  2. Read through your blog, great outlook and perspective on life. Thanks for sharing. Sorry, but I,m a blogging Mormon Dad though!


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