Saturday, August 2, 2008


This morning I attended the baptism of my sweet little neighbor Marianne. She is eight; the age which we consider 'the age of accountability'. She was able to make the choice for herself to be baptized as she now is aware of her agency to make choices and to experience the consequences of those same choices.

We believe that babies are born innocent. They do not bring with them to the earth the sins of their fathers. They have no need to be baptized as an infant. (...the infant perisheth not that dieth in his infancy.....")

The baptism was beautiful and so was Marianne. She had a special glow and innocence and purity about her. After baptism, worthy men (including her father) who hold the Priesthood of God, layed their hands upon her head and bestowed upon her the gift of the Holy Ghost. This is the Spirit of God which He has sent upon the earth to be our companion, guide and comforter.

He has been my dearest friend on earth and guided and comforted me through life's challenges, sorrows and .... joys.

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  1. The ordinance of baptism is such a great blessing to have in our life. It allows us to make covenants with the Lord which entitles us to greater blessings.

    There is nothing like going to a baptism to make you jog your memory of your own baptism. It is this day you promise that you will be willing to take HIS name upon you... It is the first step among many that will lead you to that point in His holy house.

    Thanks for reminding me of the importance of baptism.


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