Tuesday, July 15, 2008


In church on Sunday we were talking about 'stress'. The older ladies said that they didn't use that word when they were raising their children. They shared with us that their work was mainly physical. They gardened, canned, washed, cooked, cleaned etc. There were no computers and children weren't involved in 20 activities each.

Someone mentioned that the stress we experience today may be because much of our work is mental. We still may keep physically busy but with the addition of mental work and much going on around us in society.

If we have prayer and meditiation time in the morning, we are set for a more structured day. When stressers pop-up we are already at peace with ourselves and better able to handle the things that come. We are also able to let-go of less-important 'busy-work' if we are grounded to something bigger and deeper than ourselves.

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