Tuesday, July 22, 2008


"Charity Never Faileth". What does that mean? To me it means that if we are worthy to be a vessel for sharing the Love of Christ with others ..... we won't fail in doing so. It means that if we are blessed with charity (it is a gift that is bestowed ---- not 'earned') we will also be blessed to know how to share that love; we will be led to do the things that Christ himself would do.


  1. When I was RS President one time I made it my quest to figure out exactly what Charity was. (You know the Charity Never Faileth Motto thing. lol)

    I believe that it is a gift that is given and is not earned. It is one that is given after a dedicated life of living in a charitable manner. It is a state a being, such as I AM. This is only possible to receive from our Father, through Jesus Christ.

    Hopefully I will someday prove worthy of this gift.

  2. I often think about charity and how I can be more charitable. Since it is the pure love of Christ, I think it must be a process of becoming like him and having that same pure love.


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